A brief history

At the beginning of 60's, a new radio-station began operating through AM bandwidth. It was the legal radio-station of Aigio, owner of which  was Christos Spiliotopoulos, the current CEO of RADIO EGIO 99,2.

The Radio Station of Aigio gained big success since during the time it existed it was one of the few news media that informed and entertained the audience of the region. The eldest remember of it with nostalgia.

Unfortunately, in 1965, the strict censorship prohibited the continuation of its operation.

Many years later, in the middle of 80's, the first test broadcasts took place and on the voting of "law on free broadcasting corporation", there was immediately deposited an application for an authorisation to operate a radio-station. Thus in 1988 the Free Broadcasting corporation of Aigio, later RADIO EGIO, began to operate legally.

Since the very first days, RADIO EGIO found itself ranking first at polls. People love us exclusively for we are always aside the listener, we respect him, his wishes and his right for valid briefing and entertainment. People find in RADIO EGIO what they can not find in other radio-stations. Exact and objective news briefing and entertainment including all kinds of Greek music and abroad. Nothing is excluded from the program of RADIO EGIO, as long as it has quality!

1995 has been the year that marked the Aigialeia prefecture, and of course RADIO EGIO itself, since it constitutes an element of the local society. During the  night of June 15, 1995, the calamitous earthquake of 6,2 R caused irreparable damage to the building where RADIO EGIO was accomodated. Despite all the destruction, however, and despite all the confusion that prevailed that days, RADIO EGIO was the first radio-station that functioned since early in the morning after the earthquake and informed the people for what they should do, where they should be addressed, but also for the ongoings regarding the researches in the fatal block of flats and in the hotel "Eliki", that "took" away with them 26 souls… The radio-station journalists gave innumerable correspondences to big stations of Greece, but also to media-Colossuses (BBC, DW and other stations in USA, Canada, Australia).

The  radio-station was accomodated in the wrecked building for all the remainder summertime and from October 1995 until May 1997 it was hosted in a container which was a good solution until  the new installations- where RADIO EGIO is accomodated today- were  prepared.

The principal of RADIO EGIO is: Always aside the listener. And the listeners has gifted back the respect and the love that we have showed them. RADIO EGIO comes first among the informative radio-stations of Achaia, according to the last measurements, while in the general classification it is found in the first trinity between all the radio-stations of the prefecture. However, along  the 12 prefectures of his scope, the RADIO EGIO is found in high places of listening, something that is proved daily by the tens of calls of our listeners from all Central and South-western Greece.

The bands of our scope are as follows:

Patras, Kalavryta, Akrata, Derveni, Xylokastro, Loutraki, Livadeia', Amfissa, Itea, Nafpaktos, Amaliada, Pyrgos, Mesologgi, Agrinio, Άrta, Preveza, Ioannina and the islands Zakynthos, Cephalonia, Ithaca, Lefkada, as well as in a lot of other cities throughout Central and South-western Greece. This is, in a few words, the history of RADIO EGIO, a history of  fight, a lot of work, but also a lot of successes that are always owed in the respect that we show in the listeners; and this one's been gifted back to us through their love!


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